Halos in granite are more proof for the biblical creation story. Billions upon billions of Po-218(polonium 218) halos are found in granite all over the world; yet each halo was formed in less than 3 minutes*. There is no way the Po-218 halos could get in there after the granite was solid; yet the granite had to be solid when the halos formed. This means the granite was created solid in less than 3 minutes.

     Since granite is the basement rock under every continent, it would be impossible for the earth to have once been a molten mass as believed by the evolutionists. Granite can be melted; but it will reform into rhyolite, never into granite.

     Once again science has confirmed that God said “let there be … and there was”

(for more information read Creation’s Tiny Mystery by: Robert V. Gentry or, Science vs. Evolution by: Vance Ferrell) *Po-218 only emits radiation for up to three minutes before it breaks down into Po-214 and Po-210.