Dave Daubenmire (Coach Dave) A speaker at FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) the first witness on the stand, started his testimony by telling about his past in Education, including;

  • Football coach in London Ohio
  • Teaching Special Education in London Ohio High School
  • Being sued by the ACLU over praying with his team.
  • Teaching teachers at MVNU

Daubenmire said John Freshwater never contacted him about/Invited him to speak at FCA. Daubenmire continued by saying Freshwater had called him to tell him about the Mt. Vernon School telling him to remove his Bible from his desk, and that the press conference on the Mount Vernon square was not Mr Freshwater's idea and that Freshwater was reluctant to attend (John Freshwater was only at the Press Conference for about 15 minutes) and that nethier of them knew that that many people would come.

When asked about reporting requirements regarding a student being injured Daubenmire said 'if I know a student was injured in school or at home, I have to report it to the Principle.'