Freshwater who has been one of the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) monitors at the Mount Vernon middle school for about 17 years is accused in The HR on call Investigation report of 'possibly' leading a prayer for an FCA speaker who wasn't feeling good.₁ But, what are the facts?  

A lawsuit filed against Freshwater said he...

'conducted a “healing session” in which he held his hands above a non-school speaker’s head, and had students in attendance hold hands around the speaker while Mr. Freshwater “removed Satan” from the man'₂

…but was the statement based on facts?

The eyewitnesses, called to the stand in the Freshwater hearings , and those interviewed by 'Creation Facts', either said that it was a student who led the prayer or said they don't remember who led it. Even Zach Denise, whose parents filed the lawsuit, stated, that another student, Ben Nielson was the one who led the prayer.

So is the statement that Mr. Freshwater led the prayer for Pastor Zirkle at the FCA meeting based on fact? No.

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2. Lawsuit filed by Jessica K. Philemond (the Denise family's attorney) against the Mount Vernon school Board, Stephen Short, William White, and John Freshwater. First edition (filed in July 2008) pg. 7 #43, Second edition (filed Aug. 11, 2008) pg. 6 #44
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