During Zach Denis's testimony on May 7th, 2009, he claimed that on March 18th, 2008, during FCA, John Freshwater had participated/lead a exorcism/healing session. Dennis claimed that in this 'healing session' Mr. Freshwater raised his hands above his head and prayed for Pastor Zirkle. Mr Freshwater presented a document, that contradicts Dennis's testimony, from Knox Community Hospital showing that he was in therapy at the time, because of a *'Smoke Jumping' injury, and couldn't raise his hand above his head. Mr Freshwater went on to say that he didn't lead the prayer, actually it was lead by a student. Freshwater also stated that on that day, March 18, 08, Zach Dennis was not allowed into FCA because he didn't have a permission slip.

*A 'Smoke Jumper' is a parachute deployed forest fire, fire fighter.