Levi was about nine years old at the time, when  he approached the pastor of the church , his family was attending Levi asked the pastor if  he would let Levi  deliver the sermon. giving him only the scripture Gen 1:1. The pastor instructed Levi to first start with teaching a Sunday school class.
    Five years passed until his older brother Josh brought home some of Dr. Kent Hovind's Creation Seminar DVD's.
    As  Levi and his family watched, something sparked Levi's interest in the creation verses evolution debate.
    With the passing of another year, Levi's mother asked him if he would be interested in presenting a creation series  for her Adult Sunday school class.
    As she put it, Levi was going on and on about creation so she wanted to find away for him to publicly vent his enthusiasm for creation. So that he wouldn't continue to drive her crazy.
    After presenting the five week series to the class, Levi realized that he had been called to Creation evangelism.