Science Teacher John Freshwater, who in the spring of 2008 was told to remove his personal Bible from his desk, and refused on the basis that it is his right to have it on his desk, is back on the stand.

Events leading up to the Freshwater case started in 2003 when John Freshwater made a proposal to the School board that the Science Teachers be allowed to critically analyze evolution (which was already a 10th Grade standard/requirement). According to teachers/administrators John Freshwater had the right to make the proposal and did everything the way he should have/ didn't do anything wrong, but that after the proposal they began to keep an eye on him.

Mr. Freshwater went on to tell how he was not given due process according to the contract, in the HR On-Call investigation. one example given was that after the first interview with HR On-Call they scheduled a second one in which he would be able to give more details/information about the accusations, but it was canceled and the investigation was concluded without his knowledge (Mr. Freshwater found out in the newspaper, not from the school or investigators).