Former Superintendent Jeff Maley took the stand this morning. He said his main complaint with the handout titled 'Darwin's theory of evolution, the premise and the problem', and the reason he requested John Freshwater not use it, was that it was not/could not be sourced.


Millstone had previously asked him about Mr. Freshwater's proposal to teach 'the controversy'. Maley stated the reason John Freshwater's file does not contain any complaints is because Freshwater would stop doing/using something the first time the administrators asked him to, so there was no need.


Lori Miller, a 7th grade middle school science teacher, was the afternoon’s witness. She talked about how she was told by her superiors she could keep her Bible (and three devotional books) on her desk in her classroom. She also described her use of a Tesla coil when she taught science and how about 400 of her students touched it during her class. Miller also mentioned efforts to reinstate the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at the Middle School.

Miller stated that she was sickened by the bias of the HR report, she also questioned why she was not interviewed during the HR investigation, considering that she worked near Freshwater, she was at most of the FCA meetings, and she had a Bible on her desk.