Over  two years after the case started new evidence is being found, such as on Jan 14th 2010 John Freshwater received an anonymous letter that said the School Board had been hiding some of John Freshwaters things from his room and included a few photos of some of the items. As a result of the anonymous letter the School Board brought out over 14 boxes of things that had been taken from Freshwater's classroom. Freshwater explained in his testimony on April 29th that his attorney Kelly Hamilton had issued a subpoena for any items from Freshwater's classroom (on Jan 12, 2009) and was only given a few arm full's of things. The photos in the letter showed items that the School Board brought out and some they haven't, among those were textbooks that would have had Freshwater's notes for teaching in them.

I will try to up load some of the documents and photos referenced here within a few days.