Mount Vernon School Board Attorney David Millstone began his cross examination of Teacher John Freshwater, today. John Freshwater is a middle school science teacher in Mount Vernon, Ohio who the school board is trying to fire for having a Bible on his desk. During his testimony he has told how hard it has been on him and his family since he was suspended-without-pay in the spring of 2008. Freshwater explained that although he has never had to file a police report in his life until now, but now has had to file two in the last year because of being sent threatening letters, and once because his car was broken into and robed. Mr. Freshwater also said that he has applied for over 60 teaching jobs and has been turned down because of the current case.

Millstone spent the morning going over affidavits/signed statements, that were prepared by Mr Freshwater and his Attorney, for HR On-Call (HR On-Call never gave Mr. Freshwater a chance to give them affidavits)