Over the last two days of hearings in the John Freshwater case, ten students that were in Zach Dennis's 8th grade science class (2007-08) have said that Zach Dennis lied about several things under oath. When asked if Dennis's statement that, Freshwater had held down his arm during the Tesla Coil experiment, was true the students all said that Dennis was lying.

Other statements the students said Dennis would be lying (or said they didn't remember) if he said included;


  • Freshwater holding his hands above Steven Zircle's head during an FCA meeting and performing an exorcism.
  • Freshwater picking up his Bible during class.
  • There being debates about Creation vs Evolution in class.
  • Freshwater intentionally shocking a student in the back.
  • Showing a video called "the watchmaker" in class.



Some of the students went on to make these statements about Freshwater and his class room;


  • I didn't know he even had a Bible on his desk until I heard about it in the news.
  • When I heard he had a Bible on his desk, in the news, I looked for it and didn't see it.
  • It[Freshwater's class] was my favorite class.
  • [Freshwater] is a cool teacher.
  • My sister was looking forward to having him [Freshwater] as her teacher but now she can't because she is already in the 8th grade 
  • I always struggled with grades but after Freshwater's class science was my strong subject.