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Bursting Big Bang's Bubble

New investigations into a potential light-bending bubble in space may push the envelope on standard thinking about starlight. If the earth is somewhere inside a giant cosmic bubble of low matter density, then starlight behavior could be explained without the need for cold, dark matter.

But this benefit comes at a price: the admission that earth occupies a "special place" in the universe. Read the entire article.


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The Age of The Earth on DVD

presented by Levi Stickle

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Creation’s Tiny Mystery


     Halos in granite are more proof for the biblical creation story. Billions upon billions of Po-218(polonium 218) halos are found in granite all over the world; yet each halo was formed in less than 3 minutes*. There is no way the Po-218 halos could get in there after the granite was solid; yet the granite had to be solid when the halos formed. This means the granite was created solid in less than 3 minutes.

     Since granite is the basement rock under every continent, it would be impossible for the earth to have once been a molten mass as believed by the evolutionists. Granite can be melted; but it will reform into rhyolite, never into granite.

     Once again science has confirmed that God said “let there be … and there was”

(for more information read Creation’s Tiny Mystery by: Robert V. Gentry or, Science vs. Evolution by: Vance Ferrell) *Po-218 only emits radiation for up to three minutes before it breaks down into Po-214 and Po-210.


 In the beginning...

    Levi was about nine years old at the time, when  he approached the pastor of the church , his family was attending Levi asked the pastor if  he would let Levi  deliver the sermon. giving him only the scripture Gen 1:1. The pastor instructed Levi to first start with teaching a Sunday school class.
    Five years passed until his older brother Josh brought home some of Dr. Kent Hovind's Creation Seminar DVD's.
    As  Levi and his family watched, something sparked Levi's interest in the creation verses evolution debate.
    With the passing of another year, Levi's mother asked him if he would be interested in presenting a creation series  for her Adult Sunday school class.
    As she put it, Levi was going on and on about creation so she wanted to find away for him to publicly vent his enthusiasm for creation. So that he wouldn't continue to drive her crazy.
    After presenting the five week series to the class, Levi realized that he had been called to Creation evangelism.


500 people turned out to the Mount Vernon

 School Board Meeting on August 4th!


On Aug. 4th 2008 a crowd of 500₁ people gathered for the public participation in the Mount Vernon Middle School Board Meeting. In all there were about 28 speakers, some spoke in opposition, and many spoke in support of Mount Vernon Middle School Teacher Freshwater (Fresh H2O) here is what Levi Stickle presented to the ,Mount Vernon School Board:


There are some people that say the first amendment gives us a separation of church and state meaning Teachers cannot have (even a personal) copy of a Bible on their desk but…

Fisher Ames (1758-1808)

It was Fisher Ames who, on August 20, 1789, suggested the wording of the First Amendment, which was adopted by the House:

“Congress shall make no law establishing religion, or to prevent the free exercise thereof, or to infringe the rights of conscience.”

I don’t see how he is saying a teacher cannot have a Bible on his desk. Does it sound like he has a problem with the Bible in the schools? No, as a matter of fact he said:

“The Bible,…  should be the principal text in our schools…”₂ he didn’t have a problem with a teachers having a Bible on their desks.

Their has been a misunderstanding here, because the people who wrote the first amendment (and Congress) don’t’ have a problem with the Bible. In fact Congress declared 1983 the “Year of the Bible.” It was Signed by President Reagan.₃

In 1845 President Jackson said the Bible is “the Rock on which our republic rests.”

Teachers should be allowed to have a copy of a book which the founders called “the Rock on which our Republic rests” and they said “should be the principal text in our schools” teachers should be allowed to have a copy of it on their desk. DON’T REMOVE THE ROCK ON WHICH OUR REPUBLIC RESTS!



₁according to the Columbus Dispatch website

₂pg. 26 of ‘America’s God and Country’ by William J. Federer

₃Public Law 97-280:    pg.52 of ‘America’s God and Country’ by William J. Federer

₄pg. 311 of ‘America’s God and Country’ by William J. Federer


Louisiana the Only State to Promote Academic Freedom (So Far)

Last month, Louisiana became the only state to set into law some measure of academic protection for teachers who wish to present more than one side of the origins debate. The Louisiana Academic Freedom Act will shield public school teachers from discrimination or job termination if they introduce material on controversial topics in the science classroom, including evidence against biological evolution.

Critics say the act’s intention is to introduce creationism into the classroom. But just what exactly in the Act’s provisions irks these critics? Read the entire article.

*Creation can be taught in other states as well but not as easy.
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